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Thinking Tree Tutors

Thinking Tree Tutors work very closely with individuals to enhance their learning skills and break down any barriers between them and the concepts they are learning. With the help of an online learning platform, we are able to provide an efficient and convenient method of tutoring. We follow the Ontario curriculum in the tutoring sessions to ensure we are helping students cover any necessary units. We like to prepare lesson plans and agendas to stay on top of things to ensure we optimize the time we have with the students. 

Our Story

We were two students in high school who were finding it tough to study and comprehend the concepts that were being taught to us. Even though everything was built upon foundational concepts from middle and elementary school, it was still challenging to keep up with the high pace at which schools operate. We felt we were never prepared for the adjustments and were constantly falling behind with the ever-changing units.

We realized that there were many others like us who enjoyed the subjects and classes but did not understand the concepts or achieve the grades they wanted. 

We started revisiting the concepts, quizzing ourselves, and looking for study methods. As a result, we set out to discover the most effective and efficient methods for developing study habits and mastering challenging ideas. We were able to graduate from high school with honors and enroll in our dream programs and universities.

Once we graduated, we felt it was important for us to help those still in school and ensure that they feel confident with their knowledge and that they are able to apply those concepts in future grades and even in real life. Whether your child needs to catch up, get ahead, stay on track, require some support, or be a study buddy, we are here to help. We are so happy you decided to visit Thinking Tree Tutors, and we would love for you to join us! To learn more or book a free demo session, please visit "Services."

Our Misson

Especially during the pandemic, many students are overwhelmed and struggling with their studies. Teachers are overburdened and are trying their best to assist students in their learning, but it can be hard for each student to get personalized help one-on-one. Parents often don’t know where to look for this extra support as they may have other responsibilities and full-time jobs. That is where we come in. Thinking Tree Tutors was started by two students who had just graduated from high school and wanted to help students just like them succeed academically by providing affordable, flexible, and personalized tutoring. We now have a team of six tutors and have grown our business beyond what we could've dreamed of.

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