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What's A Demo Session?

Each activity is timed to determine the academic level of each child and plan activities for them accordingly.


During the demo session, just as in all other sessions, students must have a pencil, eraser, paper, headphones, or a quiet environment, a laptop or iPad, and a flat surface to write on.

[phones are not recommended for Google Meets and we encourage students and parents to avoid using them for the sessions.]


This session may or may not involve the tutor conducting a lesson, but it will most likely involve the tutor assisting the student in determining how they learn and what they are interested in so that they may provide the maximum effective assistance in the future.

*This service may not be available at times*

What's A Meet?

Set up a meeting! Our tutors will have a 15-minute phone call or Google Meet meeting with the parents or guardians to discuss how the student is progressing and what has been done in previous sessions. Parents can ask the tutor a series of questions about the instructor's future goals or what they can do as a parent or guardian to help the student outside of tutoring hours during this session.

Most frequently asked questions:

How are they doing?

What can I do to help?

Has there been an improvement?

What are some other circular activities that you would recommend?

Should they take group classes?

Should they take private 1:1?

What should you include in your email?

1. Your First and Last Name

2. The Name of the Child

3. The Tutor You Wish To Speak With

What's Assignment Help?

Aside from your regular school work, students may need help with assignments. This service is created to best help your child with any upcoming assignments, deadlines for essays, and summative assessments. This service does not teach nor give lessons. It is solely for you to work with the tutor on the project you have been assigned (i.e., essays, summative, research projects, etc.). The tutor will not only work with the student one-on-one but will also assist your child in locating any additional information needed to complete their work.


When inquiring about this service, please clearly indicate the grade, subject, assignment, rubric, and final deadline of the work. The payment, along with your assignments, must be sent 1 week in advance. If done any later, the session will be canceled and payment will be refunded (if made). This is so the tutor can review the work that needs to be done and research anything that they are unclear about.


Please keep in mind that at this time, the tutor will not be conducting lessons. 


*While we will certainly do our best to help you, taking these sessions does not guarantee a successful assignment or exam result. *


*This service may not be available at times, and the tutor may not be able to help to depend on the work wished to be assessed OR depending on their schedules.*

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